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Trade Operations

Our Trade Operations have been trading to domestic market Indonesia and overseas for import and export, now we have been vastly exported in Asia, Middle East, South America, Africa and Australia.

We invite you to become selling agent, supplier as Yasa Persada Enterprise Business Partners

Supply Chain:

  1. GFClock Yasapersada, Jakarta
  2. HERMLE Mechanische Uhrwerke und Drehteile GmbH, Germany
  3. KIENINGER Uhrenfabrik GmbH, Germany
  4. Jiuding Co., Ltd. - Shanghai China
  5. SEIKO Precision - Japan
  6. Youngtown Co., Ltd. - Taiwan
  7. K4clock Technology - Guangzhou China
  8. LEDIO Equipments Co., Ltd. - Guangzhou China
  9. Lanhai Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. - Junan China
  10. Deying Photoelectric Co., Ltd. - Dongguan China
  11. Jinhua Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. - Shenzhen China
  12. CLT Led Technology Co., Ltd. - Shenzhen China
  13. ARK Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. - Quanzhou China
  14. Ganxin Electronic Co., Ltd. - Hangzhou China
  15. GlobalTime Electronic Co., Ltd. - Shanghai China
  16. CITIZEN Clocks - Japan
  17. UniTime Systems Co., Ltd. - Tianjin China
  18. Yantai Polaris Co., Ltd. - Shandong China
  19. Jiahao Clock Manufacturing Co., Ltd. - Dongguan China
  20. Shanghai Sunrise Group, Ltd
  21. ...


  1. TNT Express
  2. POS Indonesia
  3. ASW Cargo
  4. KOPALINDO Express Cargo Mandiri
  5. DAKOTA Cargo
  6. CSM Cargo
  7. JNE Express
  8. HERONA Express
  9. ESL Express
  10. NCT Cargo
  11. GARUDA Indonesia Air Cargo
  12. DHL Indonesia
  13. PELNI Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia
  14. ...

Yasa Persada Enterprise, is general trading company for various kinds of products: Telecommunication, Watch & Clocks, Consumer Goods, Computer & Electronics, Parts, Machinery, Hardware & Tools, Furniture and Craft. We are established in 1989, with a group of professional resources with the advanced manufacturer and trading to world-wide market.

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